Monday, 13 January 2014

A history of the realms of the Misty Mountains...

...according to the Goblins who live there.

Many years after the Dwarf-city of Moria is abandoned, Goblins take up residence there. However, much later than this, when the Dwarves have been out of Moria for around 1,000 years, there is an unsuccessful invasion of Moria by Dwarves. A great battle ensues, in which Nain slays Azog, but the Dwarven invaders are beaten off.

Around 100 years later, there is an attack on Realm of High Pass by Dwarves, who are acting with the help of the Elves of Rivendell; in this raid the Great Goblin is killed. A retaliation raid by the Orcs of High Pass leads to an attack by the Beornings of the Anduin Valley, who are also allied to the Dwarves.

The Northern Orcs gather under Bolg of Gundabad (Heir of Azog) to punish the Dwarves, and attack Erebor. The Battle of Five Armies; Elves, Men (including Beornings) and Dwarves kill Bolg an destroy the army of the Northern Orcs.

After approximately 40 years, there is an another attempted invasion of Moria, by Dwarves under Balin of Erebor. The Dwarves succeed in penetrating the city, and it takes several years to destroy their invasion force.

Shortly after this there is another attack on Moria, by an Elf/Dwarf/Mannish alliance; in seeking to hunt these invaders, Moria Orcs are attacked by Elves and Rohirrim. Thus it can easily be seen that the aggressors here are not the Goblins of Moria, Gundabad and the High Pass, but the Elves, Men and especially the Dwarves who insist on invading the territory where the Goblins have been peaceably living for many centuries.